A Stroke of Genius

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To Grandmother’s House He Came. . . . . . . .

Tristan Tucker of St. Albans had a hard time finding a girlfriend. And couldn’t even find a place to exercise his man muscle. He finally did find one place.

Tristan Tucker

Tucker-No-Fucker would frequent his Grandmama’s house when she was not home. It was his own pleasure palace.

In one hand he watched videos on his cell phone of adults having fun. The other hand was ready for a workout.

During one of his entertainment sessions, he noticed that Grandmama had security cameras all over the place. Spurting out of the chair he torn down the cameras, destroyed them, and into the river they went.

Satisfied that no-one would know or see what he had come there to do, he continued.

But even a genius can make a mistake . . . . . . .
The DVR was left untouched.

Caught and booked, he found himself in a very sticky situation.



Source: Hilarious shampoo prank at the beach by RobbyTv on Rumble

former Playboy model’s son committed suicide after seeing the latest magazine’s photo spreads of “Playmates of Yesterday”.
His mother, Inogud Ustabhot, had appeared as the
Playmate of the Month in December of 1952.
In the small town of Gloryhole, Utah her son, Bendafeel Ustabhot became the center of attraction after the magazine hit the News Stands.
Bendafeel Ustabhot lost his job, his wife left him, and his 3 year old dog ran away.
Due to the nature of the photo and Big Brother Government restrictions we must provide this disclaimer: Only scroll down if you understand this may cause permanent phycological scarring. CAUTION!












MissDecember.jpgWe still don’t know why his dog ran away……….

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Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators.

We haven’t met yet.

You’re out shopping with…him. Or maybe just trying to enjoy the day. All you’re getting from him is complaining, being cranky, whining. Well some wonderful folks have the solution to your annoying problem…. Husband Day Care!

Yes, Ladies. A dream come true.



Proud Stoners

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No, this is not in Colorado.

It’s right here in my home, sweet, home…. Georgia.

So there I was in Sam’s Club parking lot when I see couple of advanced age walking to their car. Yes, this car. All I know is that these seniors have bragging rights for having the biggest balls I’ve ever seen.


Mayor Dale Ross had to go PeePee.

City councilwoman Rachel Jonrowe was speaking on the serious topic of antibiotic resistance.

She had just started to speak when Mayor Dale Ross got up and left the room apparently to use the restroom.

His Honor forgets to turn off his mic. Whoops……..

Soon he could be heard relieving himself in the restroom. And then a Grand Finale of FLUUUSH…

Whooops again…. no hand wash. Even with the topic on antibiotic resistance!

As you might guess all seriousness went right out the window.

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