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There Is One Very Happy Boy In Texas.


Felicia Smith (alias Fellatio) a 42-year-old teacher performed a “full contact” lap dance on a middle school boy celebrating his 15th birthday in February in front of his Texas classmates.As he sat in a chair next to Fellatio’s desk she moved back and forth on his crotch and touched him all over his body. Then sank to her knees and put her head between his legs hence her new nickname, Fellatio. The student admitted that he spanked Fellatio’s buttocks a couple of times. Oh Mama!As music played, Fellatio said “I love you, baby. Happy Birthday. A birthday he will never forget.

Now I ask you. Why do this for FREE? My God woman, have you no sense of Capitalism?

She was consequently removed from teaching.



I thought this Fashionable Feminist Gross-Out was over.

Well, a London based (go figure) photographer decided that women with hairy pits were hot. Maybe bad teeth too.

Challenging what he described as the societal “brainwashing” done by the beauty industry, he gathered self described models, then convinced them to save money on shaving products.

He proclaimed: “The whole point is contrast between fashionable female beauty and the raw unconventional look of female armpit hair.”

Just think Dude. One day if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself having a wild time with a Yeti. Now that’s armpit hair!


My question is why would a culture that is known for men having a rather small “associate” want to celebrate it? Even the main attraction in the parade is proportionally small. I’d say, and I’m being generous, 2 inches erect.

Known as Kanamara Matsuri (common referred to as “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”, each spring the Japanese gather to take part in this joyful celebration of the almighty penis.


Some of the items at the festival are:

Penis Popsicles

Penis Candles

A Ride on a Wooden Penis

Penis Gag Glasses

and Other Various Phallic Treats




Will the mother of the president please stand up.

On second thought…..


Yes. it’s true. The vivacious and mother of our Presidential Messiah apparently is not the Virgin Mary reincarnated.


Photo Timeline: High School Photo > After That > Getting Ready > Wild Thing!


In the middle bottom photo I can’t tell if the other person is a man or woman. Either way, No Way. The last is apparently her as a Christmas gift. I think I see a Christmas tree and gifts in the background.


I just hope it was returnable.


Thanks to Last American Patriots for ruining my dinner.