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A 28-year-old South African endured a rare case of “penile strangulation” after squeezing a wedding ring around his sex organ during an unusual wedding ceremony.

The unnamed man apparently had become so in love with his entertainment organ that he wanted to marry it.

Unfortunately the ring caused the man’s new Bride to swell up so much that he was unable to use it to consummate the union.

When the Groom’s Best Man brought him to a hospital in Limpopo four hours after, his penis was erect and blue, according to doctors.

At first, doctors tried to cut the ring off with a tiny surgical saw, but that failed because the swelling made it difficult to get close to the ring without causing further injury.

When asked why he wanted to marry his penis, he replied that after many years of intimate happiness he knew he was in love and just couldn’t love anyone or anything else.

He now resides in the Limpopo Mental Hospital for the Incurable Stupid.



Georgia has stopped all lethal injection executions because one of the drugs used was found to cause liver damage.


The concerns with the airplane that carried the Dallas Nurse have gone nuclear.
So much so that the airplane has been renamed the…





Today a Fly flew into my microwave. After 10 seconds it wasn’t flying anymore.Fly

My question is why would a culture that is known for men having a rather small “associate” want to celebrate it? Even the main attraction in the parade is proportionally small. I’d say, and I’m being generous, 2 inches erect.

Known as Kanamara Matsuri (common referred to as “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”, each spring the Japanese gather to take part in this joyful celebration of the almighty penis.


Some of the items at the festival are:

Penis Popsicles

Penis Candles

A Ride on a Wooden Penis

Penis Gag Glasses

and Other Various Phallic Treats




Evidently the architect does not like the Illinois Christian Science church


A spokesman for an Illinois Christian Science church says that it looks like a penis when viewed from above.

How does he know that? huh?

The church, which is located in the town of Dixon (indeed), was designed by an architect who McLane guesses “probably” designed it that way by accident, according to Shepherd noted that the shape makes sense for the needs of the church because it allows for ample natural light as well as space for a sanctuary. (To do what,  I ask)

In any case, the church has maintained a great sense of humor about the whole thing, posting a Facebook message late last month stating, “Fig leaf coming soon.”

This Is The Best Part!

The church’s slogan is “Rising up.

Prison Grocery Store

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