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Happy Halloween

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Today It Occurred To Me

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When you poop you also pee. But when you pee you don’t also poop.

(OK, sometimes, whoops!)


I’ve been in many locker rooms and showers while playing sports and I can testify that the “Black Man Myth” is just that, a myth.

That was until I ran across this story.


An Australian film crew stumbled upon this young lady while filming in southern Ethiopia. Apparently enlarging your mouth is a way of attracting a husband.











So let me get this straight. In order to get a man and satisfy him you have to stretch your mouth so it’s the size of the Grand Canyon.

I must say, the Myth is true! At least in Ethiopia. I mean, MY GOD. If that mouth size is needed I can only imagine the size of Mister Happy.

I wonder though how the women control the “Gag Reflex”


The concerns with the airplane that carried the Dallas Nurse have gone nuclear.
So much so that the airplane has been renamed the…





Today a Fly flew into my microwave. After 10 seconds it wasn’t flying anymore.Fly

500 Pound Human Torch

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A crematorium off Mechanicsville Turnpike caught fire Wednesday afternoon as an employee was cremating a 500 pound body. 

The body was so obese that the actual body fat came off and went straight up the stack and hit the roof material.

CrematoriumOnFireWhat in Hell were they thinking? You don’t do that inside…. Do like the Vikings. Build a large barge, put him on it, set it on fire, and shove into a lake.

DON’T Buy This For Your Kids

If you do, don’t let them make you any snacks… YUM!!!!!!!