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A Stroke of Genius

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

To Grandmother’s House He Came. . . . . . . .

Tristan Tucker of St. Albans had a hard time finding a girlfriend. And couldn’t even find a place to exercise his man muscle. He finally did find one place.

Tristan Tucker

Tucker-No-Fucker would frequent his Grandmama’s house when she was not home. It was his own pleasure palace.

In one hand he watched videos on his cell phone of adults having fun. The other hand was ready for a workout.

During one of his entertainment sessions, he noticed that Grandmama had security cameras all over the place. Spurting out of the chair he torn down the cameras, destroyed them, and into the river they went.

Satisfied that no-one would know or see what he had come there to do, he continued.

But even a genius can make a mistake . . . . . . .
The DVR was left untouched.

Caught and booked, he found himself in a very sticky situation.


Source: Hilarious shampoo prank at the beach by RobbyTv on Rumble