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Mayor Dale Ross had to go PeePee.

City councilwoman Rachel Jonrowe was speaking on the serious topic of antibiotic resistance.

She had just started to speak when Mayor Dale Ross got up and left the room apparently to use the restroom.

His Honor forgets to turn off his mic. Whoops……..

Soon he could be heard relieving himself in the restroom. And then a Grand Finale of FLUUUSH…

Whooops again…. no hand wash. Even with the topic on antibiotic resistance!

As you might guess all seriousness went right out the window.

As with many other activities, you should have a complete physical before participating. Apparently, Robert Gene White, a 67-year-old man, did not heed this advise.

While on the receiving end of a lap dance at a Texas strip club Friday night, he didn’t pay. Reason: He Was DEAD!!!! An apparent heart attack did him in. According to the local undertaker, “It may take some time to prepare the body for viewing. I just can’t get that smile off his face”.