Nailed It!

OK……. There you are working on a construction site, 4 floors up, framing in a bathroom when all of a sudden you lose grip on your hammer. You watch as it tumbles down 4 floors and buries itself in the mud below. Not having a backup hammer, what is one to do?

Use your head damn it! And I ain’t saying think.

“Hammer Head” John Ferraro can show you how.


“Hammer Head,” not only can use his head when it comes to nailing boards together, but he also does other pointless things……

• He holds the one-minute record (13 nails)
• Has the world record for “Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes (male). Ferraro broke 45 blocks in that timeframe back in April 2011.

CAUTION: Do not attempt unless you are incredibly STUPID


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