I Love Bush, Especially With A Finger In It

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Creative, Humor
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Bush Has Been Flipping Off People For 8 Years!!!

OK, not Dubbya, but a guy’s shrubbery in England!

Dateline: Somewhere in England

A bush carved into the shape of a middle-finger has landed a gardener into trouble after somebody failed to share his humour over the shrub. The council received a complaint about the shaped bush eight years after it was carved by Richard Jackson, 53, in his front garden. Despite only receiving one complaint, the council have since contacted Richard to alter the bush as it is considered a public offence. But Richard, from Tamworth, Staffs, said his neighbours are backing his pledge to keep the bush and they have even began a Save the Bush campaign to support him. Credit: Caters News

OMG, after 8 years, one jerk is “offended”. Well tough shit, this is FUNNY. Get a life!


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