I’m Going To HELL!!!!

For this picture, that is. But seriously (Am I ever serious?), here’s the story…………

Eastern religions, yoga, vegetarianism and meditation are just a few of the so-called “hobbies” that may lead to demonic possession, according to a list that was allegedly distributed by a fundamentalist group outside Comic-Con 2012.

A photo of the pamphlet was posted to the online image board MyBroadband by a user called “DJ” on July 17. It then quickly circulated around the Internet.

“Beloved, do not take part in any of these components of Satan’s Spiritual Structure,” the pamphlet reads. “They are doorways to demonic possession.”


Oddly, many traditional sins are absent from the list.

“But gluttony, greed and hatred are still OK.

Fornication? Yep, I’m Going To HELL!!!!!!!


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