This man was trying to be the Perfect Environmentalist.

A man was repeatedly returning used enema saline laxatives to CVS, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office news release.

The suspect returned the six-pack containers of enemas between April and June, according to the release. CVS employees told police they had initially re-shelved the items during this period, not realizing they had been used.

Eventually, in early June, employee Dustin McDonald found it bizarre that the man – whom he recognized from previous visits – was again bringing back the same item, and decided to investigate. He opened the box of enema bottles to find they were all filled with fluid. The box had apparently been re-glued to make it look like it hadn’t been opened.

The curious employee then poked into other six-pack enema boxes on the shelf and discovered that ““all the enemas in each of the 3 boxes were previously used,”. Each of these containers was similarly re-glued shut.

Despite this unsettling discovery, McDonald reportedly did not alert authorities until the dissatisfied enema customer attempted to strike again, the release said. This time, McDonald informed the suspect that he could not accept the used items and contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect has been identified, the news release said, and has been arrested by deputies for an unrelated outstanding warrant.

The sheriff’s department sent samples of the fluid in the bottles to the Florida Department of Health for testing. Fecal matter was, indeed, detected.

Wow! Shit was found. Who would of thought?

  1. anxiety says:

    Cheers, I just stopped in to visit your site and thought I’d say thank you.

    • RidiculousHumor says:

      Thanks! Keep coming back. I try to post as much as possible, so there’s always something new.

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