When Not To Flick Your Bic

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Are You Kidding?, Dinner?, Funny, Gross, Surprise
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There are some things that just don’t go together.

Like, don’t check to see if you lighter works while fueling your car!!!

Dateline: Thomastown, Australia

A Motorist who Lit himself and his car on fire after checking his lighter while filling up his tank with gas at an ACPO station in Thomastown was saved by a doctor from fuel station fire.The incident, captured on CCTV video footage, shows the panicked motorist quickly escape the blaze as it engulfs the door of his vehicle.
Mr Zaini, who was filling up his car nearby, runs over to help put out the flames by throwing a bucket of water over the splashed petrol.
Meanwhile, a quick-thinking attendant shuts down the pump.

What did the idiot learn from this? His lighter works!!


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