Man Breaks Into Hotel Room And Orders Room Service

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Are You Kidding?, Crime, Dinner?, Dumb Criminal, Humor, Police, Stupid

When you’re hungry, whacha ya gonna’ do?

Vinod Adhikary, who police say broke into a room at the Old Town Inn in Manassas, Va., on Wednesday — just to order room service.

Employees called the police after getting a room service request after 2 a.m. from Adhikary. They nixed the order when they realized he dialed from a room that wasn’t booked for the night.

Cops came to the Inn and charged Adhikary, 30, with unlawful entry and public intoxication.

He should have left a tip.

  1. liberalcynic says:

    This is a funny one. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

    • RidiculousHumor says:

      Thanks! Keep coming back. I try to post as much as possible, so there’s always something new.

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