The Man Has Balls! 100 Pound Balls!!!!!!

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Genital, Weird
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It’s said that to do some things it takes balls. Well this guy could do anything!

He’s got 100 pound balls!

He’s been offered FREE surgery. But Warren bristles at the notion that he won’t get surgery because he doesn’t want to lose the fame he’s garnered because of his condition, which is caused by an excess of watery fluid collecting around his testicles.

He’s Got BALLS!!!

  1. Fran Schmidt says:

    If this man has been offered “FREE” surgery, why is he asking on other sites for a million dollars for it? He must enjoy being a freak and not getting laid !

    • RidiculousHumor says:

      He wants the “exposure”, but money as well. I do think somewhere there is a woman who might just be interested in getting laid by him, if for nothing else than the adventure trying to find the necessary organ for said lay.

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