The Bigger The Cushion, The Better The Pushin’

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Are You Kidding?, Dinner?, Dumb, Food For Thought, Funny, Gross, Hot Not, Quest, Stupid, World Record
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Everyone should have a goal, but…………….

Susanne Eman is attempting to be the fattest person ever. She thinks it’s cool to be the fattest woman. That would be 1800 pounds of smelly, gross, rolling FAT!

Seriously, how do you wash yourself? Go through the Car Wash? Probably cost extra, like for an SUV. Not to mention the ol’ butt wipe. With amount of food this Pig eats, she probably has the Plumber on Speed Dial.

Check out 0:45 in the video. The dog looks scrawny. Probably doesn’t get much to eat and I’m sure no food ever makes it to the floor!


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